A new age of heroes begins. They are trained to deliver high quality projects that architect, plan, develop, test, support and assist customers so they can profit from integrating their own information highways. They have hard-core technology super powers to fight constant threats of wrong integration projects and software development bugs.

Their intelligence organization is based in Lisbon where they have the best mentors and hands-on training, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. They are prepared for high-level missions and team up with great corporations and international consultancy companies to deliver complex software development, architecture and integration services.

The Polarising Champions Academy is no longer limited in time: If you want to be a super hero of the next champions generation, join our program and have customized training on the job! Our senior consultants and technology experts are waiting for you to START EVERYDAY, making sure you have a positive and fulfilling experience that you won’t forget! Send us your cv and let the games begin!

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Polarising’s Academy Champions

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What is the Champions Academy? It’s specific training for junior profiles motivated to join a young, dynamic and informal company. Our mission is to recruit the best talent and prepare them to be specialist consultants. To whom is it targeted the Champions Academy? Graduates and Bachelors in Information Technology, Electronic and Computing Engineering, age from 23 to 25 years old. What is the duration of the Champions Academy? The Polarising Champions Academy takes place during the year. How many graduates can a Champions Academy have? There is no limit since Polarising takes graduates all year. What is the Champions Academy Training Calendar? The Polarising Champions Academy training plan is customized according to each graduate, supported by three major modules: Integration/ Reception; Technical Training and Shadowing. Where does the Champions Academy take place? The Champion Academy take place at the Polarising office (Avenida da República, Lisbon) and on customer site. What can you expect from the Champions Academy? The Polarising Champions Academy has it all: intensive training on market leading technologies, the possibility of integrating real projects and Polarising’s commitment of hiring. You will integrate international projects, in the nearshore model or reallocation, if you wish to have an international career in Europe.