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Leveraging tap airlines connections with Amadeus Web Services

TAP Air Portugal, the nation’s largest airline, is used to creating connections all around the world through their flight services. Individuals all over the world use the airline to experience locations, cultures and environments other than their own.

The airline expressed a desire to take that connection-spirit and apply it to the digital world through a restructuring of key elements on their digital platforms. Polarising, a proud member of TAP’s steering committee regarding CTIP (Common IT Platform), was able to rise to the challenge, helping them establish effective Amadeus Web Service connections.

Polarising contributed to the SOA architecture design and CITP deliverables for TAP, completing integrations for key Amadeus functional domains:

  • Amadeus Reservations
  • Amadeus Inventory
  • Amadeus Ticketing
  • Amadeus DCS

In addition to the architectural work, Polarising participated in the development of all OTA-oriented services in TIBCO Business Works, including core asynchronous SBR services provided by Amadeus. This crucial work guaranteed TAP’s position as the first major company to interact with Amadeus Web Services in Portugal.

Our expert team of developers addressed all TIBCO Business Connect issues for EDI and ETL.

Polarising’s strong know-how and experience with worldwide SOA environments, helped TAP’s ICC management define their required services, goals and key performance indicators, leading to greater digital success for the airline.


About TAP

TAP is the Portuguese airline company headquartered at Lisbon Airport with a fleet of 90 airplanes. It operates around 2.500 flights a week to 87 destinations in 34 countries worldwide.


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Av. da República nº59 10º
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