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Partnering with Tweak for Nearshoring Services

The Challenge

Tweak needed to accommodate software standalone projects such as library updates and code versions. They also needed to move some tasks to cloud computing. All of this demanded extra resources in a short to a medium period of time. Nearshoring was the right solution to allow them the flexibility to work on multiple projects without the need for reworking costs.

“Working with Polarising allows us to tackle aggressive growth and major projects, while still managing the size of our core team.”

-Pedro Marques, Tweak Lead Developer

Partnering with Polarising

Polarising’s expertise in nearshore outsourcing, value-added consulting and emerging technologies became the natural choice, demonstrating its ability to service Tweak’s need for highly-skilled developers who worked with the same high standards as their in-house development team.

Two projects stood out: a significant back-end project and the new product search engine (Elasticsearch on AWS), both developed remotely by Polarising and fully meeting Tweak’s expectations.

Polarising’s outsourcing best practices provided full support to the business, making it possible to hand it over quickly, addressing any fine-tuning issues.


  • Elasticsearch on AWS has the advantage of making millions of products and its metadata researchable in a scalable and fast way.
  • Polarising expertise with this solution helped Tweak successfully migrate towards an infrastructure of sized and configured clusters.


About Tweak

Tweak is an Irish web marketing company that develops online solutions that allow organisations to share, edit and control their brand design, increasing their efficiency and cost saving.


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Av. da República nº59 10º
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