“While offshoring is still a very popular option with companies, organizations that want to hedge their bets and curb the inherent risks of offshoring have an option closer to home.”- The Economics.

Because Polarising is focused on building long-term partnerships with its customers, we specialise in nearshore outsourcing integration services. As a stable, growing company with an expanding presence throughout Europe, Middle East and North of Africa, our capability of delivering these services is due to our strong senior management and top talented consultants, trained to know customers industry, systems and processes.

Nearshore is like a great wave to surf and so you should choose carefully the right spot and the best mates to join in.
If you are an European company or a global corporation with IT operations and developments in the European
  • Improve efficiency
  • Decrease time to market
  • Diversify risk
  • Find locations other than India for low-cost remote IT resources
  • Keep your outsourcing centre within the same GMT time zone
  • Have the teams working in real-time during standard business hours
  • Avoid the need of resorting to second or third shift operations
What Partner?
If nearshoring is what you’re looking for, then you should look for a company that can be the right partner to support your needs
  • A certified team in the technologies of choice
  • A wide scope of competencies and resources
  • Vast experience in complex and demanding environments worldwide
  • Access to early stage technologies from main vendors
  • A young, motivated and efficient team with fast and effective communication
For nearshoring the location is key. The country you choose must conform to several critical aspects to be evaluated


  • Language skills in English and in your company main language should be widely available
  • Local Governement is actively supporting outsourcing iniciatives
  • There is access to a labour pool of well trained resources
  • IT and data communications in the country have a robust infrastructure
  • It’s fast to travel to and from all EU capitals and US
  • The country possesses a good and modern road, railroad and airports network
  • The national education system is providing the right skills and disciplines
  • The overall costs are lower than your base country
  • There is a political and economical stability
  • There is a cultural compatibility between the country and your home land
  • The legal system is mature and protect your interests globally
  • There is a strong assurance for data and intellectual security and privacy.