At Polarising we believe that knowledge is the way for innovation.

Being one of the two Core Spring certified trainers in Portugal, the Core Spring Application Framework is our flagship course. Targeted to developers and architects, this training covers both theory and hands-on sessions, enabling an interactive learning environment designed to build your company’s product expertise.

Overall, the objective of this training is to build a Spring-powered Java application that demonstrates the Spring Framework and other related technologies like Spring Boot, Spring Data, Spring Security and micro-services in an intensely productive setting. This course is a prerequisite for the Spring Professional certification exam and by completing it, you will be given a voucher for the certification exam.


  • Use the Spring Framework to develop Java applications.
  • Take the Spring Boot shortcut to productivity.
  • Use dependency injection to set up and configure applications.
  • Test Spring-based applications.
  • Configure Spring applications using Java configuration, annotations, or XML.
  • Use Spring Data JPA and JDBC to rapidly implement relational database access.
  • Use Spring support for transactions.
  • Use aspect-oriented programming (AOP) to declaratively add behavior to applications.
  • Develop a basic Web application with Spring MVC.
  • Use Spring Security to secure Web applications.
  • Use Spring to easily build REST web services.
  • Start the journey to Microservices and Cloud Native Applications.

Core Spring Application Framework Training overview:

Prerequisites: Experience with developing enterprise Java applications
Course Duration: 4 days
Audience: Developers and Architects
Type: Instructor-led training (50% lecture, 50% hands-on).

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