Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), is in the core foundations of our beliefs, of our architecture approach to develop information systems, and is not about any particular technology, rather it is a design concept based on discrete pieces providing functionality as services to others, facilitating the reuse of those pieces and the agility and flexibility of the information systems.

Polarising has a wide experience in architect, analyze, implement and govern complex SOA architectures supported in the distinct products (EAI, ESB, BPM, BAM, CEP, MDM, B2B, ETL, PORTALS) and custom development solutions.


As an integrator we partner with Software providers in order to assure the best solutions to our customer, taking into account their specific problems and reality.

From middleware platforms or BPMS solutions to simple source solutions for User Interface (UI) controls and components, we try to be aware of the best that is done. But there’s one technological partner with who we share the vision, the architecture principles, and finally we share the knowledge of how to implement integration projects – TIBCO Software.

Whether you want to develop the automations that allow your systems to connect, or you want to capture the right information at the right time and act on it preemptively for a competitive advantage, TIBCO Software is the right solution.

The Java Spring Framework is used by Polarising as it’s core application framework . It’s a versatile programming tool set that can be used to develop Java or web applications. It’s functionalities regarding security and data access, completed thru a wide range of industry protocols for remote access, transaction management, remote management and testing classes, make it the platform of choice for development at Polarising.


While businesses are increasing the pressure for IT departments to develop new strategies and approaches to traditional business issues like flexibility, easiness to change and cost reduction, many of them resists change due to risk aversion, financial restraints and short-term thinking. In many cases they lack the agility to update systems efficiently, manage data securely and integrate processes effectively across the enterprise infrastructure.

At Polarising we believe there is a multiplicity of non-proprietary methodologies like Agile and Scrum, that meet the needs of our customers, helping their IT departments to keep up with their businesses demands. This set of methodologies are well documented and disseminated in the IT industry and the selections of which one to use is based in the requirements that will best meet the needs and profile of our customers, project by project.

Whether in time-and-material basis or as a standalone project, Polarising can help your company to design, document, develop, test and support an integration platform that will supply your Apps. We strategically focus in nearshore outsourcing, value-added consulting and emerging technologies, demonstrating our ability to serve large organizations and complex business and IT solutions, building long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with clients worldwide.

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