Polarising manages Integration processes and platforms, from design to support.

Too many enterprises rely on programming to establish point-to-point connections, allowing the integration of enterprise systems today. If this is manageable in the short-term with small numbers of systems involved, it becomes virtually impossible in the context of more back-end systems like cloud, the internet of things (IoT), social and mobile integration. As business processes evolve, a multitude of new APPS emerge with the corresponding API’s, message services, security and load balancing requirements. Choosing and implementing an integration platform is as critical as knowing how to take the most out of it.

Software development is more than just coding a new APP. It goes from planning, creating, testing,and deploying in existing or new application platforms and complying with security and performance policies in place. Using Java Spring as a development workbench and a SOA methodological approach, our team can manage from simple proof of concept to large scale complex software development. Polarising engineers have deep training in Java and Java Spring development and experience in integration projects ,allowing Polarsing’s software development approach to fit the most demanding environments.