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Meet Polarising’s TALKing Heads! Our technology experts continue spreading their word and bringing you the best IT knowledge; in this section you will be monthly surprised with their suggestions, blog posts and other interesting facts. You might even find some music here:-)

*DevOps & Cloud powered by Bruno Neto*

<Why use stateless server functions and its evolution.
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<What’s the importance of voice recognition in the Cloud?
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*Blockchain & APM powered by Christopher Burrows*

<A pretty good attempt at explaining the big picture view of Blockchain technology.
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*Frontend (Mobile) powered by Paulo Marques*

<Angular 4 is here, should I upgrade my angular web app? Smaller and faster apps and server side rendering are some of the new features to help you decide.
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<Learn the meaning of Manifest file properties to enhance your Progressive Web App.
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*Realtime Analytics & Bigdata powered by Pedro Marques*

<Last March a data specialist analysed the evolution of several indicators that could be used to prepare for the fire scenario that Portugal faces every summer. What went wrong?
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<Book sugestion: “Machine Learning, A Revolução do Algoritmo Mestre” (also available in English).
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*Portals (Liferay) powered by Vítor Lopes*

<Finally CE support clustering for Liferay.
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<Modern frontend workflows on Liferay portal: the evolution is here, always improving the actual portal.
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